@4CastisSunshine My eternal sunshine: I grew up watching some funny shows on Disney Channel.Lizzie Mcguire,That’s so raven, Zac and Cody…a lot of shows! even that,i never felt a real connection with any actor or actress. When i started with shake it up iimmediately i knowledge the real mean of be a fan. Caroline is not only a pretty face, a good actress and singer. She shine wherever she is.She’s always grateful,lovely and never stops smiling.A real person  even her fame.When i met Caroline i discovered what is to be happy. 

I’m in love with these gifs because she is so her!like a little girl always happy and funny with her fans.I’m so proud to say ‘Im a sunshiner’

perfect team!

This made my day yesterday, love u sunshine

Hey guys if you want some bg for your twitter of Zendaya,Bella, Kenton and Caroline you can visit my Twitpic account.Here you can find the 2 BG Tile It in their original Size.


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my sunshine

Ty & Tinka best couple ever!